Foot Balance Rehab: Regaining Stability and Confidence



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Did you know that Foot Balance Technology can make it easier for you to overcome your difficulty walking? 

75% of us, a large majority, struggle with foot imbalance. It has an impact on our daily lives by causing unneeded pain and discomfort in other areas of our body and preventing us from participating in the sports and activities we most like.

Are you facing any of these Foot Balance Problems?

  • Your feet hurt all the time.

  • Knee pain from patella femoral syndrome.

  • Experiencing joint pain in my ankles, knees, hips, or back when I stand, walk, or run.

  • Experiencing visual foot issues, such as bunions, falling arches, corns, and calluses.

  • Bow legs or knock-knees.

  • Flat, rolling feet cause the inside of my shoes to wear out. 

(This is referred to as extreme pronation)

  • Your ankles and feet roll outward.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should think about including orthotics in your treatment plan because they can structurally alleviate these conditions.

Here at The Wellness Co, we offer a Nordic-based technology, FootBalance, a health-focused business. Keeping you active, fit, and injury-free is our goal since we think that health and well-being start with your feet. Unlike anybody else, Foot Balance Rehab uses cutting-edge 3D foot scanning, biomechanical analysis, and product suggestions to create a bespoke fit that is uniquely tailored to each individual.

For our general stability and mobility, maintaining appropriate foot balance is crucial. Unfortunately, a number of things, including accidents, illnesses, and bad footwear choices, can throw off our foot balance, causing discomfort, instability, and a lack of trust in our motions. But you can regain stability and self-assurance on your feet with the correct strategy and rehabilitation methods. We'll discuss foot balance rehabilitation in this blog post and how at The Wellness Co. you are offered helpful tips on how to efficiently regain your foot balance through technology.

How does FootBalance work?

To start it off, we ask you to step on the scanner. In order to give thorough and precise foot measurements and data, we scan your feet from a variety of angles. The scanned data is then used for the biochemical foot analysis, where we evaluate your feets' essential characteristics, including the arch type, foot alignment, and function.

Lastly based on your foot scan, analysis, and our expert advice, we can recommend you a range of products that are personalized to your unique needs to ensure the best fit and comfort possible. The footwear that will help you regain your balance, relieve your pain, and allow you to continue doing what you enjoy most is what we recommend and produce.

What are the benefits?

  • Highly Personalized 

  • Fundamentally unique 

  • Tailored to your needs 

  • Aids pain 

  • Corrects foot abnormalities 

  • Improves comfort

  • Prevents incorrect foot posture

  • Technologically driven 

Who should use it?

Some of us, including those who have cerebral palsy or have different-length legs, are born with issues that make it difficult to take care of our feet. Others have had foot health issues as a result of disease, ill-fitting footwear, bunions, or calluses. Regardless of your issue or condition, the Foot Balance Technology experts can assist.

Did you know that foot ulcers occur in more than 25% of diabetic patients?

However, the majority of foot ulcers can be avoided. In fact, according to research, improperly fitting shoes are to blame for 4 out of 5 diabetic foot ulcers. You are less likely to sustain the kinds of tiny wounds that can cause an ulcer if you wear the proper footwear.

More about Foot Balance Rehab

Enhances comfort, and provides support and cushioning where it is most needed with the right Foot Balance Insoles, custom orthotics are made to precisely fit your feet. As a result, diseases like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and high arches that are related to the feet may be less painful and uncomfortable.

Enhanced Performance: Custom orthotics can help you stand more steadily and have better overall foot function. In addition to lowering your chance of injury, this can improve your performance in physical activity and sports.

Custom orthotics can assist in correcting foot irregularities like overpronation or supination, which can eventually lead to pain and discomfort. The entire health of the feet can be improved by orthotics by giving the feet support and alignment.

Book Your Appointment and learn more about Foot Balance Technology! Your wellness begins at your feet.