Revive Your Skin and Hair: Unleash the Power of Growth Factor Rejuvenation



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Growth factor rejuvenation is an aesthetic procedure that promotes cellular growth and regeneration to improve the appearance of the skin and hair. Growth factors, which are naturally occurring proteins that drive cell division, tissue healing, and collagen formation, are used.

Are you in search of techniques to increase your hair growth? 

Growth Factor Hair Rejuvenation powered by WOCKHARDT (GFC), a novel treatment for common hair problems. This breakthrough treatment uses your plasma and growth hormones to combat hair loss at the cellular level. In today's blog, we will discuss the power of growth factor rejuvenation.  Skin Rejuvenation Treatment and Hair Rejuvenation are two old aesthetic procedures however there have been advanced developments in their techniques!

What is Hair Growth Factor Rejuvenation? 

Professionals employed embryonic "extracts" containing growth factors and cytokines to improve wound healing in the early 1940s. Rapid and effective wound healing is critical for surgical operation success. As a result, Eugen Cronkite et al. pioneered the use of thrombin and fibrin in skin grafting. The employment of the aforesaid components ensures firm and stable flap adhesion, which is critical in this type of surgery.

Platelet application has advanced rapidly as medicine has advanced in general. Matras employed platelets as sealants to establish blood homeostasis during surgical procedures for the first time in 1972. In addition, Oon and Hobbs were the first scientists to use PRP in reconstructive treatment in 1975. For the first time, Ferrari et al. employed platelet-rich plasma as an autologous source of transfusion in heart surgery in 1987, lowering intraoperative blood loss, hematological abnormalities of the peripheral pulmonary circulation, and later usage of blood products.

Our patented Hair Rejuvenation treatment involves a series of natural growth factor injections into the scalp that have been clinically shown to revitalize damaged hair follicles. This rejuvenation technique can increase hair growth, boost thinning hair renewal, and make your hair stronger and thicker. In this therapy, platelets, which are unique cells present in natural growth factor injections, are employed. They can increase hair follicle growth by activating stem cells and other cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicle. These unique platelet cells promote healing, accelerate tissue regeneration and repair, respond to injury, and encourage the growth of new cells.

This therapy efficiently treats and prevents hair loss by utilizing growth factors. When growth factors are injected into the scalp, they can slow down hair loss and, in many circumstances, stimulate hair growth in thinning hair follicles.

How does PRP Rejuvenate skin?

Everyone wishes to have clear and immaculate skin! Haven't we all desired the beautiful and glowing skin of our favorite star at least once in our lives? 

However, this is not always the case, since we have a variety of skin concerns ranging from aging disorders and dullness to dark spots and blemishes.  However, not everyone is willing to go under the knife in order to get the flawless and beautiful skin of our dreams! 

Over time, the skin tends to get dull. This can have an impact on a person's entire appearance because the skin is the most visible portion, particularly the skin on the face. PRP for the skin generally helps to increase collagen formation, which enhances skin quality and texture. This aids in the restoration of luminous and radiant skin.

What are the risks?

An injection of PRP is a low-risk procedure that rarely causes major side effects. Because the therapy requires a blood sample, you should keep hydrated and eat beforehand to avoid feeling lightheaded. Following the procedure, you may have discomfort and bruising at the injection site.

Because PRP injections are created from your own cells and plasma, there is a significantly lower risk of an allergic reaction compared with other injectable drugs such as corticosteroids. Some of the less common risks of PRP injections are as follows:

  • Tissue damage caused by bleeding

  • Infections and nerve injuries

If you are considering PRP injections, make sure to explore all of the benefits and risks with your doctor.

How does it work?

  1. A blood sample from a patient is collected and spun to separate the plasma and natural growth factors. Then, you injected this pure, safe, concentrated growth produced by you.

  2. The pure, safe, and highly concentrated growth factor elixir is then injected into the scalp, engineered from your own blood.

  3. Since no anesthesia or medication is administered during the operation, you can resume your normal activities immediately following the surgery.

It should be noted that the particular steps and procedures may differ based on the healthcare professional, individual needs, and treatment goals. Additionally, numerous PRP therapy sessions may be required to attain the best results. Consulting with a skilled specialist will assist you in fully understanding the procedure and receiving personalized counsel based on your individual needs.

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