Welcome to The Wellness Co–India's first integrative clinic that provides personalised wellness for everyone! Built on the dream to bring the best modern-day wellness techniques and technology to India, The Wellness Co offers several holistic therapies to help you be the best version of yourself.

Our highly innovative techniques & methods come from extensive collaborations with globally celebrated brands like Beverly Hills IV Therapy from California (USA), Orion Red Light Therapy from Toronto (Canada), GeneOmbio from Pune (India), Electric Whole-Body Cryotherapy from Germany and Body contouring Cryo EMS from Germany.

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We are a technology driven wellness company.

Got the healthy heart genetic test done here after consulting with their nutritionist. The report was extremely thorough and the diet advice has already started showing results.

The Red Light Therapy experience was totally fantastic! The staff were all super helpful, professional, and friendly! I especially want to mention Kirti, Shubhangi, Dr. Jaspreet, and Chandar for helping me understand the therapy better and making me feel as comfortable as possible. The therapy itself was top-notch and a really great way to energize, boost your skin health, and relax all at once. Could not recommend TWC highly enough and will surely be back to try some of the other therapies as well!

I came in for IV Therapy and had an absolutely wonderful experience! Dr. Jaspreet was very helpful in identifying my needs and suggesting the right IV based on my ailments. I went for 2 Fit 2 Quit to help with recovery from excessive fatigue. I am glad to say that the results were fantastic!

I found out about The Wellness Co. on Instagram. I was experiencing daily breakouts and skin problems, so I decided to try it out and get an Oxyfacial. I was very surprised by the results. The hydronic acid and crystals significantly improved my skin by making it much smoother and clearer. Many other people complimented me on the glow on my face in the next couple of days too. I’d highly recommend this place and I’ll come back to try out new services soon!

I recently visited the clinic for Cryo EMS therapy that is said to freeze off fat from the body. I was dealing with stubborn fat around my abdomen due to inactive lifestyle for a couple of months. I must say that the experience was altogether quite wonderful. My first 2 sessions of EMS therapy went quite well and I lost about 1.5 inches off my abdomen. I am hoping to see more results as we progress with the rest of my sessions. Kudos to the team! 

I play basketball and go to the gym quite regularly and recently I've been having constant pain in my back and neck which is affecting my school and daily life so I found this place on Instagram and decided to give it a shot. The wellness co is one of the best experiences I've had, I tried whole body cryotherapy. It honestly exceeded my expectations. I've seen whole body cryotherapy used by athletes like Ronaldo and Virat Kohli but still actually experiencing being in a -110 degrees chamber was incredible. Their staff was so helpful and their therapies improved my aches immensely, moreover, my sleep and sports performance has greatly improved and even my skin feels and looks better. I'm definitely gonna be coming back and I'm so glad to find a place like this in India.

Whole body cryotherapy and cryo facials at The Wellness Co are doing wonders for me. I am amazed at the potential of these therapies and how they make me feel after! The staff is lovely and very helpful.

I love the wellness co IV therapy the procedure is completely painless and the IVs are so effective! TWC therapies are definitely a part of my daily routine now.

I am so happy that I took NAD+ IV therapy at The Wellness Co, Gurgaon. The results have been amazing. It's such a mood lifter, I feel so energetic and charged up. My skin glows now. The place is full of positive vibes. Thanks to the entire team for taking such good care of me.

I had a most calming and luxurious experience at the one-stop destination for all things wellness - The Wellness Co. Cryotherapy has to be my top recommendation as it left me feeling instantly energized, and is an entirely new sensation to come back for again and again. I also received the immunity boost IV therapy post an acute bout of Covid, which seemed to do me wonders! I’m excited to try out their cryo facials for pore tightening and glowing skin for the perfect start to summer.

I have been struggling with fatigue and back pain for quite some time now and have been looking for a non-invasive treatment which would help. I came across Red Light Therapy at The Wellness Co. and decided to give it a shot. After a few sessions I began noticing quite a substantial decrease in pain and a boost in energy levels. The quality of my skin is also improving steadily which has been an added bonus. Overall extremely happy with the whole experience!

Wanted to try out IV therapy for athletic performance and was advised to go for the 2 Fit 2 Quit IV here. I noticed an immediate rise in my energy levels and also faster recovery after intense workouts. Looking forward to trying out a few of the others as well in the future!

Place is amazingly nice and very luxurious. I took IV therapy and PRP for hair. Doctor and the staff are highly knowledgeable and very friendly. Looking forward to my next session of hair PRP.

Highly recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy at The Wellness Co. My experience was fantastic and the staff was very good at identifying my needs. 

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We are a technology driven wellness company.