Geneplus-advanced Genetic Screening

Nutrigenomics is a field of study to evaluate the relationship between dietary factors and inherited genes. It is an excellent technique to prevent a range of health conditions. The Wellness Co. and GeneOmbio have teamed up to launch GenePlus, a strategic joint venture to improve your wellness. We offer genetic testing, Nutrigenomics counseling for a variety of disorders, as well as lifestyle management. This procedure encompasses test panels that give precise details about your body systems and can also predict hazards related to specific lifestyle disorders.

Dr Amol Raut, a postgraduate and a doctorate in microbiology, is a partner and research specialist at GeneOmbio. He has submitted more than 26 gene sequences in the electronic domain for gene banks and is an accomplished researcher and professional in the field of microbiology. Dr Rout’s vision and knowledge are helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle through GeneOmbio’s services.

The future of health is in your DNA! The Wellness Co. excels in providing customized genetic testing and nutrigenomics services focused on preventive healthcare and genetic counseling to prevent and correct inherited genetic disorders like obesity, coronary heart disease, hypertension, hair fall, and diabetes mellitus Type 1.


Why Geneplus-advanced Genetic Screening

The results of the Human Genome Project are used to develop the area of Nutrigenomics. This knowledge can be applied in two contexts: Anticipating lifestyle disease trends and managing challenging cases.

Nutrigenomics also offers valuable insights on how to improve immunity by providing the necessary support to metabolic processes like oxidative stress, inflammation, and detoxification, among others.

It can help in providing further personalisation, thus improving the body’s ability to resist and combat infections.


disease risk

Early prognosis
and prevention

No trial
and error

lifestyle management

cardiovascular conditions

Detects intolerances
and insensitivity

Offers accurate
exercise guidance

psychological issues

sleep apnea

bone health

How it Works


The patients first go through pre-test counselling, during which they are informed about several panels and asked to make a choice.


Then they are given a sample collection kit. Once they submit the sample, it undergoes genetic analysis under the guidance of our expert.


The patient receives a detailed test report based on which our Nutrigenomics counsellor helps the patient in post-test counselling, followed by a diet/nutrition plan curated for the patient.

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GenePlus is a strategic joint venture between GeneOmbio and The Wellness Co. We provide genetic testing and Nutrigenomics counseling for several disorders as well as lifestyle management. This includes test panels which provide specific information about your body’s system and are also able to predict risks associated with certain lifestyle disorders. GeneOmbio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune (India) based company providing Molecular Diagnostic Services. With a strong focus on genomics and molecular biology.

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Got the healthy heart genetic test done here after consulting with their nutritionist. The report was extremely thorough and the diet advice has already started showing results.

Yamini Soni

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