IV Therapy

IV Therapy is the latest hot trend for achieving radiant skin and improved health. Whether you are feeling sluggish, recovering from an illness, or need an immunity boost, IV therapy can do it all. In this rejuvenating treatment, vitamins and nutrients are injected directly into your bloodstream. Each IV drip at The Wellness Co contains customized combinations of antioxidants, electrolytes, essential fluids, and vitamins to provide outstanding results to our clients.

The Wellness Co's IV therapy will enhance your energy levels and leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated. Get the fresh nutrients and vitamins your body needs to perform at its best. Enjoy IV infusion therapy in a cosy, relaxing setting with skilled professionals and the highest quality equipment.


Why IV Therapy

If you have difficulties keeping your hydration levels up, IV drips are a fantastic solution. Electrolytes like sodium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, magnesium and chloride are crucial for your body. These electrolytes are administered via IV drips to replenish your body and keep you active.

Through IV drips, nutrients are directly pumped into your bloodstream improving your health. They are, therefore, a great way to strengthen your immune system. With frequent IV infusions, you can protect yourself from a number of diseases.

Unlike supplements, which the body must first break down before absorbing, essential vitamins and nutrients are administered intravenously through IV therapy. Therefore, IV treatment considerably accelerates the process of resupplying the body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients. The body needs a few hours to metabolise any other drug, dietary supplement, or fluid, whereas an IV Therapy session takes roughly 40 minutes.

Compared to oral supplements' 8% absorption rate, IV therapy ensures 100% absorption of essential nutrients for maximum benefits.


instant hydration


Flushes out

Reduces stress
and anxiety


skin radiance

skin health

How it Works


During the procedure, an IV drip will be injected into your arm's veins.


Drink a lot of water before the appointment and dress warmly to make the IV insertion smoother and easier.


The technician will attach the medication bag to the IV line and suspend it from a pole.


When the fluid is injected into your arm, you might feel a chilly, tingling sensation.


Please let your technician know if you experience burning or tightness, or if you notice redness or swelling.


Most of our infusions are completed within half an hour.


The IV will be taken out thereafter, and the site of insertion will be covered with a tiny bandage.


There’s absolutely no downtime after the infusion.


The incredible effects of our IV infusions usually last for about seven days or longer.

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Intravenous (IV) vitamin drip therapy is a safe way to effectively deliver nutrients, vitamins, and nutrients directly to your bloodstream. This technique bypasses the digestive system, thus delivering immediate results. Besides accelerating the effectiveness of supplements, IV therapy also ensures almost 100% absorption of essential nutrients for maximum effect, compared to the 8% absorption of oral supplements.

Be Fit Never Quit

Our Be Fit Never Quit IV drip is the ideal solution to boost stamina and endurance. Hydration combined with electrolytes, vitamins, and amino acids replenishes the lost nutrients and helps in recovery and muscle building.

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Hangover Cure

Are hangovers ruining your mornings? Try our Hangover Cure IV drip. It is a perfect combination of IV fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins that can help you swiftly recover from hangover symptoms and replenish your body's supply of vitamins.

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Hydration IV

If you struggle to keep your body hydrated, our Hydration IV is an excellent option. Since the Hydration IV therapy injects the fluids directly into your bloodstream, your body can deliver the fluids where you need them most. It is a quicker and more effective approach to hydrating your body.

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Immunity Booster

Ensure better protection against various diseases with our Immunity Boost IV drip. It flushes out toxins and strengthens your immune system for the proper functioning of organs.

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Luscious Locks

Do you want a strong and healthy head of hair? You must try The Wellness Co.’s Luscious Locks IV drip. Formulated with hair growth-boosting ingredients like biotin, selenium, and amino acids, this IV drip will nourish your locks from within and restore shine.

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Men's Health IV

Hectic work schedules, high intensity workout routines, and frequent traveling taking a toll on your health? This IV therapy crafted especially for men with ingredients like amino acids, vitamin C, B complex and zinc chloride will rejuvenate your mind and body and help you stay on top of your game.

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Myer's Cocktail

This modified Myers Cocktail infusion, which contains magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, can heal a variety of illnesses, including migraines, colds, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies, low energy, and immunity.

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Youth Builder IV

Welcome to the Rolls Royce of IVs. Tackle unwanted signs of aging with our Youth Builder IV. It contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a crucial enzyme found in all human cells. Its two main advantages are cell repair and a reduced impact of oxidation on the body.

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Pre and Post Surgery IVs

Whether you want to prepare your body for surgery or you are looking for ways to speed up the healing post-surgery, this IV drip can help.

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Radiance IV

Want a celebrity-like glow before a party or an event? Try our Radiance IV therapy! A potent blend of antioxidants, essential minerals, and vitamins–this IV therapy will instantly brighten up your complexion.

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Women's Health IV

Whether you are struggling with intense period cramps or you want to get rid of PMS-induced pain, bloating and irritability, this IV drip can do it all.

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Beauty IV

If you are seeking healthy, radiant, and youthful skin, you must try our Beauty IV therapy. This customized cocktail of skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin C, B-Complex, glutathione, zinc chloride, amino acids, selenium, and biotin will instantly nourish and hydrate your skin.

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Don't Believe Us?

I’ve found wellness co very peaceful and private where I could avail of some very state-of-the-art treatments not available anywhere else in India - the Vitamin IV drip gave me a boost in glow and energy- the red light therapy helped me immensely with some aches and pains I’ve developed suddenly after my covid bout, and enhances my recovery I can feel it! I’m enrolling for the slimming program and will repost once I see any results- meanwhile, I very very highly recommend this wellness spa for its world-class youth and health therapies

Nisha JamVwal

I love the wellness co IV therapy the procedure is completely painless and the IVs are so effective! TWC therapies are definitely a part of my daily routine now.

Shilpa Dhiman

I am so happy that I took NAD+ IV therapy at The Wellness Co, Gurgaon. The results have been amazing. It's such a mood lifter, I feel so energetic and charged up. My skin glows now. The place is full of positive vibes. Thanks to the entire team for taking such good care of me.

Shaila Nair

Wanted to try out IV therapy for athletic performance and was advised to go for the 2 Fit 2 Quit IV here. I noticed an immediate rise in my energy levels and also faster recovery after intense workouts. Looking forward to trying out a few of the others as well in the future!

Adarsh Kumar

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